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Dr. Giovanni Innocenti PhD
Associate professor
Expertise area

Area of expertise: physiology, physical therapy, wellness, fitness, human movements.


Master of Science (MS) in Human Anatomy & Physiology with a specialization in Physical Therapy at Uniselinus University, 2019.  Doctorate of Phylosophy (PhD) in Physiology of Exercise and Human Movement c/o Uniselinus University aa 2018. University lecturer for the SSD M-EDF/02 at the Universities of Florence and Pisa since the academic years 2000-01 and 2004-05 respectively.
School lecturer at MIUR Liceo "N. Copernico" in Prato from the school year 2016-17.
Scientific-technological researcher in the SSD M-EDF/01 c/o the armed forces: Naval Academy of Livorno (MM) and Folgore of Pisa (EI) from the year 2018. Winner of
Master's Degree: first level in “La funzione del docente nella scuola che cambia: metodologia, docimologia e strumenti statistici “, and second level in " Governance della scuola e il dirigente scolastico "  University La Sapienza of Rome aa 2014 and aa 2015.
Qualification for teaching obtained through TFA, subject area AD02 (classes A048 - A049) University of Florence aa 2013.

- Two-year University Specialization Diploma in "Educational Methodologies on Disability for Pupils with Social and Learning Disabilities: Disciplinary Area Psychomotor of secondary School"; Dante Alighieri University of Reggio Calabria, 2014.
 Master's Degree in Sport, Physical and Sport Sciences at the University of Florence aa 2002. - Bachelor in Physical Education at the Istituto Superiore Pareggiato per l'Educazione Fisica di Firenze aa 1996. Diploma of Specialization in "Wellness, fitness and personal training" c/o ISEF of Florence aa 1998.  Diploma in "Motor activities for adulthood and old age" c/o ISEF of Florence aa 1999.  Coach of IV European Level;
International Technician of Male Artistic Gymnastics - FIG ACADEMY LEVEL 3 - Porto (POR) aa 2010. - National Technician of Male Artistic Gymnastics FGI - Rome aa 2003.
- FGI National and International Judge FIG aa 2000 and aa 2006. - Author of 37 scientific publications including: national and international papers, didactic and methodological-multimedia articles, chapters of books, abstracts and posters as well as quotations and curates.


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