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To get a Bachelor via Distance Learning

To get a Bachelor via Distance Learning


To get a Bachelor via Distance Learning

The Bachelor is a university degree normally awarded after completing a three/four-years degree course (depending on the country and University) in a specific field. The goal is to lead students towards their professional careers.

Selinus University offers online Bachelor's Degrees via Distance Learning, the equivalent of a four-year degree. Selinus University's Bachelors are available in over 200 fields of study, including the arts, business, engineering and technology, law, humanities, social sciences, biological and life sciences, natural sciences, and holistic and religious sciences. Within each of these fields of study, there are numerous specializations that guarantee the student exclusivity in the programs offered.

Selinus University guarantees the possibility of identifying a study program and obtaining a degree in line with one's professional field through the A.P.E.L. (Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning) evaluation of the candidate's CV. This will allow managers, professionals, entrepreneurs and consultants to get a tremendous boost in their professional careers.

Flexible Study Program

Adult students are different from younger students. They learn only what they need to learn and not what they already know, which is why the APEL system is a remarkable opportunity, allowing students enrolled in distance Bachelors programs to save time, energy and money. Adult degree programs are therefore practical and motivating.

The online Bachelor's Degree via Distance Learning by APEL enhances students’ knowledge and expertise allowing them not to linger on subjects they already know well because of their experience in the field of management, professions or employee fields. Through Selinus University's Bachelor's Degree programs, students complete the framework of their competencies and skills to take a great advantage for their career progression and professional legitimacy.

The online degree program via Distance Learning by APEL is based on the study of textbooks and recognition of prior professional credits. Recognition of professional credits is based on evaluation of the student's CV, while examinations consist of 15-page written reports based on assigned textbooks.  In some cases, and under certain conditions, the final dissertation can be directly accessed.

A Selinus University Bachelor's Degree requires 120 academic credits, approximately 2000 hours of study according to the USA semester credit system, equivalent to three years of study at a traditional university. Through the APEL system, professional and prior education credits can be transferred to reduce academic requirements and the degree achievement timing.

Low Cost

The cost of a Bachelor Degree at Selinus University is among the lowest in the world. Since all programs are delivered in distance learning modality, costs consistently differ from traditional Campus ones. All professors, consultants, experts work in smart mode, each from their own locations. Therefore, students pay low fees because the University has lower costs. This is a huge benefit for many students, especially those from developing countries, and that is worth more than a scholarship. Furthermore, the cost refers to the entire program and not the individual academic year including everything from enrollment to graduation. 


A distance university is neither for everyone nor for all purposes. The admission requirements for the Selinus University of Science and Literature distance learning Bachelor degree are: high school diploma, 30 years old minimum age and at least three years of professional experience in the chosen field of study.

Each candidate has a different profile; that is why Selinus University examines every single student situation. Please, send us your request to receive all the information about the program, costs and study modality. Also note that as a Distance University, Uniselinus does not provide visa and immigration services.

The minimum programs duration varies from one to three years according to the student’s professional and scholastic CV and engagement in studying and in the thesis work.

Career Opportunities

Our study programs are career-oriented and fully compatible with international education systems. Program eligibility is established through an assessment process and educational affinity that converts a candidate's professional experience, previous studies, certifications and CV into academic credit.

Our study programs are tailored for adult students with special educational, professional and career needs; therefore, they do not strictly follow individual countries educational models and have no accreditation by any Ministry of Education. That allows to maintain a flexible standard that can be adjusted on individual countries and individual students’ needs. Our programs are considered as unregulated higher education courses within the constitutional freedom of educational organization. Certificates and private degrees awarded by Selinus University might not provide access to government jobs, regulated professions or public institutions study completions. Instead, they can be very useful as professional recognition in multinational corporations, private companies, NGOs, international associations, in the consulting work field or freelance activities.

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